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We sell our products to customers worldwide. In order to offer an optimal service, we want to arrange the selling and service as comfortable as possible.

It is no problem for us to ship products from one country to another. As we want to achieve a high level of satisfaction with the use of them it is, however, useful to offer a professional installation and consulting to the customer.

Therefore we sell our products through dealers in some countries, who are familiar with the local conditions and are already well established as specialists in the market. Then customers in these countries are able to get information about technology and prices by these dealers. Apart from the consultation, our dealers offer a competent service and set-up of our tuning products.

Since we constantly want to expand our distribution network in order to achieve a close relationship to all prospectively customers, we are looking for new and qualified dealers.

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If you are interested in selling our exclusive tuning products, do not hesitate to contact our sales team at +49-6861 / 9332-800 or email verkauf@kelleners-sport.de

If you want to know, in which countries we are represented, please click on the map above. If your country should not be represented, please get in touch with us.