Kelleners Sport is a long established and renowned name for engine tuning. The new modules make it possible to increase the engine output without changing or modifying existing parts. At the same time, the plug-and-drive system means the module can be fitted with very little effort and, because it uses the manufacturer's original connectors, the power increase can be achieved in next to no time. This method also enables the module to be removed completely without leaving a trace.
Power modules from Kelleners Sport guarantee a more immediate response, more torque, greater pulling power and, of course, better acceleration. Moreover, the greater efficiency means lower fuel consumption given the same style of driving.
All functions of the original engine control unit remain unchanged thanks to intensive develop­ment work and test programmes on the race track and the test bench. Regardless of whether the car is diesel or petrol powered, a manual or automatic transmission, or rear or four-wheel drive, installing the additional module boosts the power output independently of the standard electronic system and continues to work perfectly even after a manufacturer's software update.
The extensive research and development work is also reflected by the great reliability of the power modules, which Kelleners Sport backs with a two-year warranty*.

  • Greater agility
    Improved performance with more torque and power
  • Greater safety
    Improved in-gear acceleration for overtaking
  • Greater driving pleasure
    More driving fun thanks to an improved response and more power

Alternatively can a remapping of the standard ECU be done.

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