Performance kits for petrol cars


The tuning principle for petrol engines:

Basically, Kelleners Sport additional engine control units influence the boost pressure and, therefore, the mass of air reaching the combustion chamber. To ensure no negative impact on the fuel-air ratio, the amount of fuel injected is increased proportionately by increasing rail pressure.

Why an additional engine control unit?

The main advantages of Kelleners Sport additional engine control units are independence of the engine control unit itself and the ease with which they can be removed. If necessary, back fitting can be carried out just as quickly and easily as fitment. However, installation and removal should be carried out by qualified personnel.

Kelleners Sport additional engine control units do not modify the engine control unit and are not identified by it. Therefore, no difficulties arise when the latter is readout during servicing or manufacturer software updates are installed. By contrast, traditional modifications to the engine mapping – flash solution or remapping – are lost if the dealer carries out a software update. This is one of the main advantages of a Kelleners Sport additional engine control unit.


No losses in terms of mileage are to be expected if the vehicle and, in particular, the engine are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The main mistakes made are to give the engine insufficient time to warm up from cold and no time to cool down after hard driving. Especially in the case of engines with turbochargers, it is very important to let the engine cool down after a hard run because, in the majority of cases, oil no longer lubricates and cools the turbo once the engine has been switched off. Consequently, the oil is likely to carbonise and the resulting residual matter can destroy the bearings.

Careful use of the car and engine is very important in both standard and tuned form and is also recommended by the vehicle manufacturers.


The manufacturer’s recommendation about the fuel to be used (95 or 98 RON) also remains valid after tuning. Nevertheless, we recommend the use of ‘super’ fuels (min. 98 RON) whenever possible because they have a higher anti-knock rating, which permits a higher power output.

Fuel consumption:

There is no change in comparison to the standard values if the car is driven at lower revs. Kelleners Sport Supplementary engine control units only come into effect and change the electronic mapping when the engine speed rises into the higher rev band. Higher fuel consumption must always be expected if the car is driven hard simply because, to produce more power, the engine needs more energy. The degree to which fuel consumption rises depends on the car and individual’s driving style.

Kelleners Sport performance kit